It makes perfect sense that the locations/logistics manager for A Gypsy Life…Productions’ Middle Earth episode of the series Fans: the New Hollywood Moguls is a Wood Elf*.  You may know the most famous of my kin, Legolas Greenleaf, who was a vital member of the Fellowship of the Ring on its perilous quest to save Middle Earth.  It is my job to serve the Fellowship of the Fan Moguls as a guide through the perils of travel logistics for film production in New Zealand, half-way round the world.


Much of what I do is remote, working with contacts in the tourism industry. That means I have the privilege of working with countless wonderful wizards.


My goal is to get the Fan Moguls film production crew and fans to Wellington for an in-depth visit of the world famous Weta Workshop, to Hobbiton for a filming fiesta and feast in Matamata, and to line up as many breathtaking sites in between as we can manage.


I will find lodging for our crew and fans, arrange flights and inland travel, and maybe even some meals! 3 Sylvia in costume


*Sylvia means Wood Elf or Wood Sprite, from the same root as sylvan, as in Penn-sylvan-ia, Penn’s Woods.

Wander with the Wood Elf

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