I have learned that there are events in our lives that forever change us, when “Free Will” becomes a distant memory. I have lived through a universal course correction that has promptly and subtly guided me towards an unexpected destiny.  April 13, 1987 was one such day.  It changed everything. Relive the journey with me…  – Velva Carter


Chapter 1 – “The Wedding”


36 Panels: “The Wedding” – Part 1 of  6

It had arrived, that day I had waited for all my life (or so I thought): my wedding day.

At thirteen, I had meticulously planned out my life. I intuitively knew the top five days, one of which would be my wedding day. However, it took another 17 years, 11 months and 13 days before I was finally ready to make my wedding dreams come true.

Strangely enough, my wedding day only ranked fourth on my Top Five list. Marriage and children were never the centerpieces of my life. Adventure and travel dominated my true heart’s desire.Nonetheless, my wedding day arrived. Joining my fiancé and I were jubilant friends and curious onlookers as we crossed the picturesque Bay of Naples to set foot onto one of the world’s most enchanting islands–the Isle of Capri.

Chapter 2 – “The Visit”

36 Panels: “The Visit” – Part 2 of 6

I had been summoned. Okay, invited to tea, and to have my marriage blessed. Sunday afternoon, I received a stunning hand-delivered invitation to tea the next day.

I immediately recognized the stationary. The message was clear, and it ended with the words “…come alone.”

A short road trip was just what I needed. After the frantic five days I had just experienced, a little solitude would be welcomed. Besides, I could not wait to share the details of my wedding and reception with my friend. He loved long stories.

Chapter 3 – “The Choice”

36 Panels: “The Choice” – Part 3 of 6

I have always had nomadic tendencies, a gypsy spirit, and took pride in being fiercely independent. By age 30, I had lived in more cites, states and countries than I could remember. Each new location delighted me with its distinctive flavor, culture, and friendships. However, upon my departure from the various cities, states and countries, I would often abandon those friendships. This was never with malice, nor was it intentional. In my mind, those friendships were part of that time, that place, and that story. Those friendships and experiences would remain encapsulated as a sweet memory, part of my history, part of my past. Moving forward meant I had to make room for new friends, new experiences, and new adventures.

Chapter 4 – ” The Meeting”

36 Panels: “The Meeting” – Part 4 of 6

I gracefully managed to tip toe across the parking lot, careful not to damage my heels. Finally, something was going my way.

As I got closer to the door, the thought of the Trattoria being closed crossed my mind. Still, there was no one in sight. This was unusual in Italy. No children, no greeters, no aromas from the kitchen, no noise–something was wrong. The foreboding feeling returned.

As I reached the door, the figure of a small, elderly woman emerged. What a relief, I thought. The Trattoria was open. Soon, I would have food, drink and warmth.

I was about to say hello when she smiled at me and said, “Hello, Velva. I have been waiting for you.”

 Chapter 5 – ” The Prediction”

36 Panels: “The Prediction” – Part 5 of 6

“Water will change my life? Are you kidding me?” It was now time to leave. Whatever this was, I no longer wanted to play. I wanted to go home. I got up to leave, but her next words made me halt:  “You are a halo child.”

I closed my eyes, and my teen years flashed before me. My next rant of the day began. “What do you want?” screamed out of my mouth. Tears quickly followed. “You people have approached me all my life. You don’t say anything; you just stand there and stare, as if I am to know what you want. I do not; in fact, I don’t have a clue. I have studied mediation, astrology, tarot reading, palmistry, crystals, and candle magic, and I am no more enlightened today than the day I started. So please, tell me, what do you want?”

Chapter 6 – ” The Reaction”

36 Panels: “The Reaction” – Part 6 of 6

“I lost it.  What do any of those things have to do with me? I do not understand. You say Water, but I do not understand. You say I am tied to a strange universe. How am I tied to a strange universe? You say a gold bald statue and a gold statue with wings… by my recollection that is television and film. I was a Theatre major and a Performing  Arts Specialist–my passion is for the stage. So you were close, but wrong! I have nothing to do with television. I have nothing to do with film!” I turned on her, “And what about the number five? What does that mean? Will I have five husbands, five children, what?”