Adding Vincent to our little crew in the Vargo Xpress, we left Dallas mid-afternoon with the intention to do most of the driving through the desert at night in order to avoid the summer heat.  Once we left Dallas (and its rush hour traffic) behind, we started making some pretty decent time.

To make sure that none of us became over-tired; we switched out drivers every few hours. Vincent and I were on the hunt for radio stations that played good music. He found out that once I hear old favorite tunes, I start to sing. Don’t worry, I wasn’t one of those people that take advantage of a captured audience and sing at the top of my lungs.  When it was Velva’s turn she choose audiobooks, which quickly put us all to sleep.

For the most part the weather held out with only a few showers and we were given some gorgeous skies (for me this means cloudy).

Of course, Vincent and I had to take advantage of our breaks from the car.

I’d never realized just how big El Paso, TX is until we passed through it. The skyline was amazing and I attempted to get some shots of it.


Road Trip – Day Two

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