This is the sight that greeted us on our third day on the road. We’d stopped at Flying J’s truck stop (which I have dubbed the Ritz Carlton of Truck Stops), filled up not only the tank of the car but our stomachs, as well.

It’s a good thing too because we’d need that since we saw on the news that the area we were to drive through was going to be the hottest spot in the country with 109 degrees, it actually hit 111 degrees where we drove through. We were so excited to see the sign to turn off our A/C when driving through the mountains to prevent over-heating. That was fun! But not even that was going to keep us from pushing on to Comic Con. We were all drinking water and staying properly hydrated but we were never more glad to arrive at the mountains in San Diego County because the temp started dropping to a more cooler temperature.

Velva was in the driver’s seat at this point and we headed to the hotel. Once we checked in, cleaned up, I got my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and had to get my feet in it. It was freezing cold and felt so freaking good. Velva is laughing at me because less than thirty minutes in San Diego and I’m hanging out with surfer dudes.

Anyone recognize this rising star’s face?

This concludes the ‘Road’ portion our trip. Don’t forget to keep reading for my updates about Comic Con.

Road Trip – Day Three

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