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Farscape is the first fandom that ever caught my attention.  Never before have I felt so attached to a television show, cast, or a fandom community.  The show itself was remarkable in its complexity.  The abrupt cancellation of Farscape left me stunned.  When I read the press releases that came from the SciFi Network that disrespected the fans, I began to feel rage and I needed a positive outlet for those emotions.  That’s when I discovered the Farscape fandom.  There was a call out on the internet for fans to let our feelings be known and I could not resist.  Within days I was picketing SciFi’s offices in Universal City.  I mailed things to their corporate office.  (Who can forget the “Crakers DO matter” campaign?!) And soon I met fans who were involved in what I learned to call fan press.

There were a lot of talented people creating pins, banners, posters, billboard sized ads, comics, email campaigns, post cards….  And that’s just about the time I met the fans who planned to interview the cast at the Saturn Awards.  I volunteered to carry cables while Ben Browder was interviewed and I was hooked!  I started sharing my adventures with my on-line friends and the idea of creating a Ben Browder website was born.

It was an idea that kept me awake for a couple of months before I decided that the concept was just too good to let go.   I didn’t have a clue how to build a website but I knew a lot of talented Ben fans and there was no getting around this idea.  That was in 2004 and I’ve been having fun ever since.  I have learned a lot about building websites and multi-media editing.  Being part of fan press has also given me opportunities to do things that I can’t imagine would have come into my life any other way.  I interviewed Ben on the red carpet at the premiere of Stargate SG-1 Continuum on an aircraft carrier. It was an amazing experience that I got to share with my friends both at the event and on-line.

Through all of these experiences was a very personal journey.  I found Farscape on television while I was recovering from a “minor” stroke.  At 40 years old I found myself suddenly unable to walk or talk well.  I also began to suffer from migraines.  My mind worked fine but my body wasn’t cooperating.  In Farscape fandom I found friends who stood by me.  The campaign (and building my own fan site) gave me a lot of opportunities to flex my organization and business skills at a time when I really needed to prove certain things to myself.  My friends made it possible for me to travel to conventions.  And they quite literally watched my back.  When my symptoms popped up because I was easily over-tired, my friends made sure that I felt secure.  They would never let me fall.  I truly love my Farscape fandom friends.

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