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Having health issues at an early age kept me inside and drawing, I realized much later …it was a blessing. I dove into my artwork and by age 9 I was hungry and primed for inspiration that was far far away from what I had experienced through regular TV and top 40 radio.

My fandom story into Fantasy and Science Fiction began in 1977 with Star Wars, specifically with the scene at Mos Eisley Cantina. The music, lighting, textures and the extreme variety of fun and strange life forms opened me up to SciFi as my prime directive. Not long to follow was hearing Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days”, a song that captivated and transported me to a wonder-full and frightening heavy musical landscape. No Elton John or AC/DC song I had heard before had come close to taking me anywhere into outer or inner-space like this one.

These influences were a progression into the wide unlimited world that my creativity could feel like and flow into.

I was already deep into creating my own worlds and creatures when “Alien” came out in 1979. This was my first rated R movie and at the age of 11 this scary, brilliant, bazaar, thrill ride really shook me up… in a good way. I wondered how did H.R. Giger dream up a world so unique? From Star Wars to Alien my creative world had gone full spectrum.

To advance my skills and build a foundation for a career in art I attended Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, FL. and received a bachelor’s degree in illustration in 1991. Out of school I had a hard time finding a foothold in commercial art so I created art for bands, tattoo artists and did body painting (mostly for adult beverage companies). Some of my most memorable projects since then have been- 10 illustrations for Clive Barkers “Imagica” card game, 7 Star Trek themed billboards for an electronics company, a 2,600 sq ft black light mural for a private car collector, A “Surfing the Milky Way” black light mural for a home in Martha’s Vineyard and airbrushing a scorpion suit for the wrestler “Sting”.

More significant influences were the Matrix series which helped me reinforce “the why” into my work and the Stargate movie/series which gave me hope for continued exploration into the unknown.

A recent discovery of DAZ3D (a 3D rendering program) has graced me the ability to create worlds where I control lighting, textures, landscapes, bring in anatomically correct/posed figures. To my delight I discovered all of these elements can be viewed from any angle and rendered quickly with amazing accuracy. The preliminary planning process was so difficult and time consuming before having to find reference, models, etc and then draw by hand. Now when the client says I’d like to view this from inside the “door to the heavens” I merely rotate the camera, dive in and hit render.

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