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I’ve been a nerd and geek my whole life. I’ve been reading comics since I can remember and luckily for me, I was shown some awesome things at a very young age. steam punk!When I was little my dad showed me the original Star Wars for the first time, I even had this audio tape that I would obsessively play over and over again that had the whole movie on it. I fell in love with Science fiction from that day forward.

Of course Science fiction isn’t my only love as my dad also introduced me to everything from Abbot and Costello to the Three Stooges to the Carol Burnett show. I was definitely a huge comedy nerd and found out very soon that I enjoyed entertaining people and making my friends laugh. There was a point in my life where I wanted to be either an actor or try my hand at stand up comedy. (Even did plays in High School, I got to play Prince Humperdink in a play version of the Princess Bride).

Same with comics, I can remember being a young kid first learning how to read and when I finally knew how I would go to the bookstore with my parents and they’d let me pick up a handful of comics from the rack. I would consume everything I could get my hands on. All of these things really helped form my overactive imagination which is still flat out as crazy as it was back then but just a lot more focused in where it’s geared towards.

Then of course there’s my love of the mystery/pulp/noir stories. If you have an internal monologue, a damsel in distress and a smart aleck private eye who’s just trying to do the right thing…I’m in an instant fan. All through high school I would actually wear a fedora and duster to school.

main deadpoolI’m also as avid a gamer as I am a comic book reader, wrestling fan, sci fi geek and just all around pop culture obsessed guy. I play a lot of indie games nowadays (Like the Binding of Isaac which I’ve spent almost 200 hours with now) as well as the mainstream stuff like the Mass Effect franchise which has almost beat out the first 2 Kingdom Hearts games as my favorite series of all time.

I’ve been writing since I was in 7th grade (I’m 26 now) I started to get some of my ideas out of my head and on to paper as well as being able to escape to other worlds for a little while and do my best to ignore the constant bullying that was happening at that age. Guys like Jim Butcher with the Dresden Files, Mick Foley with his first autobiography (Huge wrestling fan on top of everything else to crazy levels) to Howard Mackie’s Mutant X which was a comic I was obsessed with as it was coming out and really where I gained my love of Havok as a character.

I didn’t actually write my first “script” until my freshman year of high school where I adapted the ideas I had for a super spy comedy similar to an Austin Powers. I think it ended up at like 30 pages and managed to make my friends and my teacher (Mr. D who had a huge effect on my life in High School) all laugh but if I ever found it now, I’m sure it wouldn’t hold up.

first bookI get to attend about 4 conventions a year nowadays and meet as well as talk and get to know some awesome people. A friend called me a journalist while we were at New York Comic Con and I still don’t know how to react to that. I never thought that I’d be doing what I do today when I was a kid, even as a teenager I wanted to be everything from a professional wrestler to a comic book writer. (And of course here I am now, writing a weekly webcomic that people seem to enjoy the heck out of it) I’m a cosplayer as well, for ages now I only had the one costume, my “Detective Pool” or “Mr. Red” or the many other names we’ve come up with the costume. I have slight body issues at moments so I knew I never wanted to put on a spandex suit so instead I came up with this weird reservoir dogs/private detective Deadpool costume that took forever to develop. It was my first time putting together a costume and I’m still really proud of what I came up with.

I started my podcast because I wanted to get to know the people whose work inspired and drove me better, to understand what they nerded and geeked out over. To really find out the cool little stories behind all their work. The podcast has grown into something that I had no idea what it would become. I find it cool that I get to talk with people like Dan Milano, Mark Meer, Brian Michael Bendis, Doug Jones, Jane Espenson, Javier Grillo-Marxuach and so many other cool people. (Michael Rooker, I got to talk with Michael Rooker)!

The webcomic BostonComicCon2013181of course goes back to what I’ve always wanted to do, entertain people and tell fun stories. I use myself as a comedic character to kind of express and show the crazy ideas and thoughts I have about pop culture. It doesn’t hurt that because of the parody reasons and the unlimited budget that is your imagination we can really go anywhere and tell any kind of story with it. The first time I actually held a copy of the book in my hands, I got pretty emotional. It’s weird holding your own work in your hands for the first time. I started the strip with a good friend, Bill Gladman who stepped away with year 2 and I will always be thankful to everything he taught me. And I love doing the comic with the team I have now, we just constantly gel on insane levels.

There are other stories I’d love to tell one of these days, I have a fully plotted out script that I’m still tweaking and foxing for a noir/detective series that has elements of super heroes and horror in it and I’ve very slowly started doing reviews and interviews and other stuff through my YouTube channel that I’m trying my best to keep consistent with.

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