My fandom stretches back to when I was very young.  I have always been a fan of something.  My first “love” was The Amazing Spiderman!  I don’t know what it was about the show that captured me, but according to my Dad I always loved watching it.  For my first birthday my mom spent about $200.00 on me, which was a lot in 1978, and my Dad spent $10.00.  He bought me a pop gun and an Amazing Spiderman doll with Velcro hands and feet.  He said I spent the rest of the day with Spidey on my back shooting things with my new rifle.  I had that thing until I was 9 years old and my mom “accidentally” lost it in a move.  It is also where I found my love for redheads, thanks Mary Jane.  From there I got into comic books and many other things.

My Dad took me to see my first horror movie when I was 3 – the first remake of “The Blob.”  My family was big into horror movies so I have always watched them.  And on Friday and Saturday I would watch USA Up All Night with Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear and I have seen just about every B movie that existed before 1990.  My taste changes from time to time, but I can say that I have always been a geek.  I was into Dungeon & Dragons, McGyver, Star Wars, StarTrek, and many other things.  Also, I am a die-hard gamer and will always be.

The show that got me into actually going to Cons and meeting people is without question “Farscape.”  My best friend David said, “You should come to Dragon Con, several Farscape people will be there.”  That is what started my Con life and now the Scaper Family that I meet up with keeps expanding with every Con I go to.

I can’t tell you what that one thing is about Farscape that I love, because there isn’t just one thing.  If you can’t identify with one more of the characters in the story then you just aren’t human.  For me this show oozes perseverance.  You have this group of people with nothing in common who, even though they fight, always come together to do what is best for everyone in the end.  I have met so many friends from around the world because of our mutual love for the show.  The best thing about the Scaper Fandom, as we call it, is that we welcome everyone to the party.  It is all about family and having a good time seeing old friends and making new friends.  May seem silly from the outside, but to us it is just a great time.  There will be many shows that come and go, but for me Farscape will always have a special place in my heart because of the wonderful gifts it has given me.  It is just one of those loves in life that never go away.


Darrell Hahn

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